Oregon House Republicans Sound a Lot Like Trump

Oregon House Republicans Sound a Lot Like Trump

New website features poll on how Oregon House candidates stack up to their party’s nominee

PORTLAND, Ore. – Oct. 14, 2016 – A new website, ALotLikeTrump.com, launched today giving voters the chance to decide if the views of Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump and Republican candidates for the Oregon House of Representatives are in line with their own.

For too long, Oregon House Republicans have been silent as their standard bearer has made offensive, misogynistic and otherwise offense statements over the course of his campaign, including comments boasting about sexual assault that were made public last week.

From advocating funding cuts for women’s health care, to giving tax breaks to millionaires and big corporations, to opposing the minimum wage, Republican candidates for the House sure sound a lot like Trump. Many still refuse to stand up to their standard bearer.

ALotLikeTrump.com features a poll where users can decide if the radical, extreme ideas of Republicans like Trump are in line with their own.

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