House Democrats Celebrate Historic Election Results

House Democrats Celebrate Historic Election Results
Three candidates defeat Republican incumbents, expand majority to 38

PORTLAND – Oregon House Democrats are celebrating a historic victory following Tuesday night’s election results that saw Oregonians elect an unprecedented 38 Democrats to the Oregon House of Representatives.

“What Tuesday’s election results showed is that Oregonians voted their values,” Majority Leader Jennifer Williamson said. “They chose to stand with leaders who support better public schools, quality and affordable healthcare, a clean environment and a better Oregon for every working family.”

Joining the 33 House Democrats who were re-elected on Tuesday night, are new members in five districts.

Marty Wilde defeated Mark Herbert for House District 11, the seat being vacated by Rep. Phil Barnhart, and Tiffiny Mitchell defeated Vineeta Lower in House District 32 to replace retiring Rep. Deborah Boone.

In addition, three House Democratic candidates defeated Republican incumbents. Voters chose Courtney Neron over Rep. Rich Vial in House District 26, Rachel Prusak over Rep. Julie Parrish in House District 37 and Anna Williams over Rep. Jeff Helfrich in House District 52.

In a year where the majority of House Democratic candidates were women, Williams’ and Neron’s victories over male incumbents expands the House Democrats’ female majority to 22, more than 58 percent of the caucus.

“I am so proud to be the leader of such a passionate and hardworking group of people,” Williamson added. “Now that this election is over, we can turn our attention to challenges and opportunities Oregon has in front of it. Oregon House Democrats are committed to building a future where everyone has access to the best that our state has to offer. This caucus is ready to get to work.”

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